Introducing GuinnessBall!



“James ur a joke right now. U fucked with the wrong cousin on the wrong day” – Michael Giesler, March 17, 2013

Last year James Flanagan (Gies’ cousin) and I (Bunz) were in Chitown celebrating St. Paddys Day.  While in an Irish bar, Fado, downing Guinness like the true Irishman he is, James decided he needed to include his cousins, Gies, David, Kevin n Tripp Standa in the fun even though they were all in other cities.  So he made up


The rules of the game are as follows:

1. Guinness Only. No Exceptions. Period.

2. For each pint of Guinness you consume, you advance a man on base.  4 pints eq 1 Home Run.

3. Irish Car Bombs are worth a double.

That’s it.  Outscore your friends, and most importantly, your cousins.

Michael Giesler won GUINNESSBALL in its inaugural season, as James conceded due to a change in his plans for the latter half of the day. The Gies was and forever will be, the first and forever undefeated GUINNESSBALL champion!

In Memory of Michael Giesler